Forever S01 E08 - The Ecstacy Of Agony


Well it's not up there with Game Of Thrones but it's certainly novel to have a dominatrix fitting a ball gag to a willing masochist less than 5 minutes into the program. 

You can tell it's going to end well can't you?

Sure enough it's body dumped in the street time and off to Henry's autopsy slab. 

Whoever marked his card marked the body...a lot. Whip scars, ligature marks, gag marks, its an MP's wet dream...

It turns out that this was a regular session for those who need a more unusual release for their tension, administered by Iona Payne an often scantily clad therapist with a not at all subtle interest in Henry. 

Det. Jo is none too impressed with the attention going Henry's way, and views the therapist as little more than a hooker. She's even less impressed that Iona out-diagnoses Henry and REALLY unimpressed to interrupt Henry's investigation at the part where he's handcuffed and suspended awaiting a gentle cattle-prodding! 

Abe returns from a liaison with his ex wife who wants to rekindle the old relationship and travel the world together. Henry is concerned that he "Doesn't want her to hurt you!"! . Hmmm I wonder how that fits into the episode as foreshadowing? 

In flashback, we get Henry's belated return home to England from his initial death, back to the loving embrace of his suddenly un-widowed wife. She is delighted to see him, but wants to know where he's been and what happened. Henry doesn't want to tell her, hilarity doesn't ensue..

With dominatrix in custody but refusing to divulge the name of one of her clients that would provide an alibi at the time of the body's death, Henry sets out to clear her name, but ends up  kidnapped, stripped, crucified and connected to the electricity supply (we've moved from Members Of Parliament and definitely in House Of Lords territory at this point). 

No arc plot this week, or rather not the main one, the 'will he get caught dying in front of people' and 'Det.Jo is starting to think something fishy is going on' plots are tweaked this week, Henry wants to be killed off quickly by his torturer, and the scar on his chest provokes interest. 

So this episode is a more mature episode theme-wise, at times bordering on adult with a capital "A".

A good episode with "lashings" of good performances! 

See, I've been a good reviewer I don't need to be punished....


Submitted by David on Mon, 19/01/2015 - 20:33

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