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Hey there... If you're at this page then you appear to be interested in who we are and what we're about.

Basically, many year's ago, Spindles had an idea of a venue/shop/meeting place where people could get together and play games, talk about films, books and TV shows. He was going to call this venture The Wonky Spanner.

Why The Wonky Spanner? Well.. Because it was the name of a pub that tended to made an appearance in the various tabletop roleplaying games that Spindles was running. And... It just kind of stuck...

What is it now? It's a place for people to have their say about all manner of things out there in the world of popular culture as well as the home for our ever growing slate of podcasts.

Hope you like what you see? And if you want to get involved then drop us a line:

Want to know more about everyone who contributes to the site? Then press on dear reader..

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Where to start.. Hmmm... I did my first degree in Performing Arts between 1995 and 1998, whilst studying I discovered the computer lab was open 24 hours and spent many a night there on a thing called the Internet. Not happy to merely use it, I had to know how it worked and so taught myself HTML. In the intervening years between then and now I've learned god knows how many programming languages, been a DJ, a sound engineer, a filmmaker, a musician, a writer, a software developer and all manner of other things. Now I curate this place: The Wonky Spanner, a place for geekery, creativity, ranting, music and much more. See you all in the aether somewhere.

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I have watched sc-fi/alternative culture programs since I can remember.  The 6pm BBC2 slot was the best.  The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Avengers, Dr Who.  This was my escapism place and much encouraged by my Dad.  I knew how to list all the Doctors before I left primary school. Being a female nerd in high school is something that needs skipping over....  At Uni we watched Buffy and Angel and reshows of Red Dwarf after the pub.

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Have been puzzling for a while over what to put here.  This is what, after countless re-writes, I finally settled on....

Generation X survivor, NerdVsWorld founder, tea drinker, maker of towel origami, creative swearer.
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Nerd, Larper, Gamer, Comic book reader, Film Geek.

I started NerdVsWorld because Facebook used to limit the number of characters that could be used in a status update, and this prevented me from fully venting my rage at The Crow reboot rumours.  (These have since become fact :( We have collectively table-flipped on many an episode) The podcast gives me the chance to nerd out with friends and share my passions with a wider audience, and hopefully get people talking.  

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I'm a geek.*

*Rammy thinking this is a job well done promptly gets up and goes to have a nice cup of tea, however after a stern glance from Spindles promptly goes back to the computer and resumes typing.

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Scientist in training, coffee enthusiast, musician, ever increasing Marvelite, and wannabe reviewer.

More to come :)

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I'm that guy that said that thing that you really shouldn't have laughed about, but promptly did because it was essentially inappropriate. I am a life-long geek who loves his science fiction, tradecraft, computers (and the games that come with them) along with an entirely pedantic and facetious reviewing style - hence why I come here instead going to news or political sites without a bodyguard.
I'll be reviewing books, TV shows and stuff that I particualrly like, along with, perhaps some computer games and, in the event of having an abundance of time available, my first love: analog games such as RPGs, board games and the occasional CCG (which I will likely set on fire for stealing all my money...)

I have been many things, from tech support to security guard, bar minion to corporate lackey.  I am currently the guy that runs his own business because working for other people just pisses me off something fierce.  

Oh yeah, and I'm a sociopath.  No joke.  Your face is the joke.  Deal with it.
Don't like it?  Come find me on STEAM or XBOX LIVE (for however long I stick with that pile of galloping poop) as the enigmatic and thoroughly disapproving GreyWalker Zero.  So I can shoot you or something.  Oh, and I love co-op.  If you can earn me some decent legendary / exotic loot I shan't mock you as much.


Have a Nice Day, Human Scum

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Astronaut, Adventurer, Raconteur, Seeker Of Truth and Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.

These are some of the many things I'm not.

I have been, Theme Park Worker, Student, Mobile Phone tester, Electricity Theft investigator, Outsourcer and Project Manager.

I am also a fourty-something family man (or wretchedly decrepit old nag ready for he last trip to the vet, if you believe my wife.

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Stef is a Musician, Gamer, Writer, Let's Play Maker, Streamer and Podcaster

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