About us

Hey there... If you're at this page then you appear to be interested in who we are and what we're about.

Basically, many year's ago, Spindles had an idea of a venue/shop/meeting place where people could get together and play games, talk about films, books and TV shows. He was going to call this venture The Wonky Spanner.

Why The Wonky Spanner? Well.. Because it was the name of a pub that tended to made an appearance in the various tabletop roleplaying games that Spindles was running. And... It just kind of stuck...

What is it now? It's a place for people to have their say about all manner of things out there in the world of popular culture as well as the home for our ever growing slate of podcasts.

Hope you like what you see? And if you want to get involved then drop us a line: https://www.wonkyspanner.com/contact