The Flash S01E04 - Spoilers


That’s more like it! This episode sees a welcome change from the last three episode, as well as a great crossover from the Arrow in the form of Felicity.

While doing some tests at the lab two inept security drivers transporting a diamond manage to get robbed. The team hear about it in time for Barry to investigate and save the day. Leonard Snart is the would-be perpetrator, and Barry manages to get a good look at him.

The actor plays the part very well, with no hint of over acting. He does cold and calculating very well. Throughout the episode we see him turn into ‘Captain Cold’.  This is done plausibly, with the help of a gun procured from the lab. The thing to like about this villain is he is a normal human with a gun. This gun is reduces the vibrations of atoms, essentially freezing anything it hits. This is bad for Barry!

Felicity is convinced along with Barry to do a quiz night double date which gives us the opportunity to see the developing relationship. Again these little side plots actually work this week, it is believable and you actually find yourself hoping they would get together. It is during this quiz that Snart goes after the diamond.

After a little tussle Barry gets shot in the leg and Snart gets away. Cue the moral outrage at a gun being built to stop Barry, considering the good to bad ratio of meta-humans it’s not surprising Cisco makes a gun. Barry is right though – someone died when they didn’t need to.

Felicity joining the team really helped gel them together as both actors and the characters. Cisco figures out where Snart is and after Barry goes off in a huff to stop him Felicity convinces the team that they should ignore his mini tantrum and help him anyway. The interplay between them doesn’t appear forced and flows much better this episode.

They show up to help with a fake freeze gun and scare Snart off. In the very last scene you see the beginnings of the Rogues when Snart recruits Mick Rory, AKA Heat Wave. So that’s where the tittle of the episode comes from!

Just before this Barry and Felicity share a great moment on the train where they talk about their unrequited love, and wait for it….. Barry finally kisses Felicity.

This is the best episode so far, really well put together and hopefully will be the shape of things to come.

Good job.

Submitted by Yumster on Tue, 04/11/2014 - 22:41

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