The Flash S01E03 - Some Spoilers


Yet another bad meta-human of the week episode. Just like Smallvilles ‘Krypto freaks’ somehow all people affected by the accident turn out evil. In the whole city the is just one good guy?

In this episode a member crime family has been killed. Guess what? It’s a meta-human, again. This one turns himself into poison gas, and has turned a little evil.

There are some good side stories intermixed in this otherwise humdrum episode, such as some of the back story regarding the accident. While Barry tries to discover the killer's identity, Dr. Wells hit on the bright idea of retrofitting the particle accelerator into a prison specifically for meta-humans, to help ‘cure’ them. I have to admit, I liked the idea of a prison. It did remind me of Alcatraz (the series) though.

There are some attempts to elicit sympathy from the audience by Dr. Snow, but it just doesn’t work. We just don’t care enough about her yet.  Her fiancé did a better job and he was only in it for a few minutes.

Eventually Barry locates the killer, but fails to stop him. The guy was a genius before the accident yet somehow Barry turns stupid. He should know trying to hit him won’t work.

Eventually the team hit on a way to stop him and lock him away in the new prison.

This episode is better than the last two. Not much, but going in the right direction. The flashbacks really helped this episode and the scene where Dr. Wells watches Barry get hit is intriguing.

Keep watching, it’s getting better.  

Submitted by Yumster on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 15:03

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