The Flash S01E02 - No Spoilers


Oh dear.

Whilst the first episode hit the ground at a sedentary 70 miles an hour, I expected a ramp up in speed. Sadly this episode seems to have slowed to a walking pace. Put it another way, I actually fell asleep towards the end.

I was hoping for something more than the latest 'meta-human' of the week. The dialog was average and the acting seemed a little forced. Even the hero could do with down playing a little. Loud moral outrage doesn't seem to fit. The 'sister'. She may be pretty but really? Having a go at someone who is AT WORK, WORKING, for answering his phone to someone about WORK?

The back story and arc were developed at a reasonable pace though, with some great flashbacks into Barry's childhood. The bad guy actually is fairly decent this week, although it is funny how bad guys always wait in line to show up, especially considering that they were all created at the same time. Why do they have to be all bad? No good guys created other than Barry?

All this sounds like I won't be going back to this series doesn't it? There are still good points. Like this week better use of super speed was employed and I liked the way they didn't just set up a super hero den from the off. If I am honest I would say I liked this episode, but it could have been much much better.

I will continue watching. I feel like there is great potential with this show, I feel it bubbling under the surface. It's being held at bay by some unoriginal dialog and story telling devices but on the whole still watchable.

Just don't watch it if you're tired. 

The Yumster

P.S. Short one this week, might start including spoilers next time. We shal see!

Submitted by Yumster on Thu, 16/10/2014 - 21:07

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