The Flash S01E01 - No Spoilers!


And we are off to a slightly shaky but otherwise solid start to a super hero series. It doesn’t quite hit the ground running at 700 miles an hour, but a more sedate 70 or so.

It will do, and it’s enough to make you want more.

There are several things going for this episode:

It is a decent origin story. It has a likeable hero. The visuals are well done. An awesome cameo. Fairly decent dialog. Most of all it is in the same universe as a certain green clad archer.

There are also some detractors:

The bad guy is a little pathetic in his attempt to come across as sinister and dangerous. I could do more damage after a particularly hot curry. His manner of defeat is also a little wishy-washy, with about a hundred different and easier ways a superfast hero could have employed to take him out.

The acting is decent enough, although we could do with losing some of the cheesier gung ho pep talk. Why oh why is there a 14 year old working at Star Labs? Perhaps to help identify with a younger audience? Another thing, not that I am complaining, but how come all genius scientists are gorgeous women? During my physics days they all looked like this!


The story does trundle along nicely however, as mentioned before it fits in nicely within Arrows universe. In my opinion there is a little too much of the arc revealed in the first episode, but I won’t go into details – spoilers!

In summary, well worth a watch, just don’t take it too seriously. I think the series will get better, and I will continue watching.

The Yumster

Submitted by Yumster on Fri, 10/10/2014 - 08:21

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