Good Omens E05


You know it's getting bad when the Forces of Darkness have taken over Radio 4. I mean Radio 1 being Infernal is pretty much a given, but Radio 4!

Crowley can go nowhere now, his masters are now onto him, but he knows where to go. 


And as for Aziraphale, he's been banished by the smiting finger of Sergeant Shadwell, so  Crowley must rush to his destination alone.

Well, not alone.

Armaggedon requires certain things. Four things. Horsemen. Well not horses, and not all men.

Things have changed a bit and horses are now horsepower, War is a woman, and although there are definitely four, their fame preceeds them and they acquire some hangers on.

They are all headed for Tadfield, which is now cut off by road due to rains of fish and piled up vehicles. Try riding your motorbike through that and see what you get. 

Aziraphale may be gone from the world of men but he isn't entirely helpless, he still has a voice in all of this, now all he needs is someone who can hear it. There are some natural candidates for this who you think would be pleased to get a little conversation from usually silent partners, well they would be if they actually wanted to be spoken to, and the subject matter wasn't so grim.

In the centre of all this travelling we have Adam Young and his gang. Adam has had this idea. Why doesn't he destroy everything and start again. That would be brilliant, everything would be just as he wants it...

This episode is a bit of a mixed bag to be fair.

The urgency of the main characters to try and combat the coming destruction is coming to the fore . To my mind, there are a few flashes of the Crowley from my head coming out through the speakers as the radio version starts to get stressed. Adam is now starting to change as he nears his destiny.

Some of the less successful bits...

The pacing seems a bit off, the scene in the roadside cafe seems overly long. The bikers' accents are also questionable, especially the comedy Birmingham, everyone goes over the top with Birmingham, this is no exception. 

The Radio 4 stuff as well, it just feels awkward.

Oh well. 

When it refocuses on moving the plot along the pace picks up and by the end of the episode we're back on course for the final act.

You know.

The end of all life on Earth and final showdown between God and Satan. 

Sounds exciting. 

A British Judgement Day.

I'll put the kettle on.

Submitted by David on Mon, 02/02/2015 - 20:33

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