DC Announce new Suicide Squad line-up


DC's Suicide Squad gets a relaunch this month with the release of New Suicide Squad #1. Written by Sean Ryan with art by winner of DC's Harley Quinn talent search Jeremey Roberts, The New Suicide squad follows the exploits of the to secret government strike force, Task Force X. Better known by its team members as the Suicide Squad, this task force is made up entirely of inmates serving time in Belle Reve Prison. Thier missions are dangerous and potentially deadly but, if successful, can reduce the remaining sentences for the team members.

Suicide Squad made a recent appearance in the latest season of Arrow including a very fleeting glimpse of the lovely Ms Quinzel herself.

Take a look at the gallery below for images of the new team and you can buy issue #1 right now from ComiXology or it's available to order through Amazon .

Click on the images in the gallery below to see images full size.

Submitted by Spindles on Fri, 11/07/2014 - 11:10

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