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Sunday, November 16, 2014 - 14:58

We are off to a solid start to the season with some great story lines and strong female leads. Aside from the predictable reveal that the mountain men are harvesting the blood of grounders this is a good episode.

Clarke – starts of a little less exciting than the others, makes you want things to move along a bit. She – rightly – suspects the mountain men have something to hide after noticing a badly hurt guard recovers very quickly. Cue some rather awesome shenanigans by Clarke she finds out that the grounders are being used for their blood. Actually, this doesn't really upset me as much as the writers were going for I think, the grounders kill indiscriminately and without remorse and haven't yet got my sympathies. Kind of like the Eloi getting their own back on the...

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Friday, October 24, 2014 - 17:59

Recap season 1:

The Earth has been messed up by humanity (again) but luckily there were a few space stations from various countries that joined together to form the Ark. 97 odd years later

Life is harsh, all crime is punishable by ‘floating’ – being thrown out of the airlock. Unless you are under 18. Things are failing on the Ark though and to save resources it is decided to send the teens to Earth to see if it is habitable yet.

They arrive to find it is habitable but not all of humanity was wiped out.

The first season was a bit of a surprise for me, it all sounded a little cliché but actually it really grew on me, with well filmed scenes and the ability to switch between perspectives well.  There are not always happy endings, such as when more than a few volunteers...

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